Edge Finishing

We can provide precision finishing for a wide range of applications, including Flame Polishing, Machine Polishing, Diamond Tipped Edge Polishing, Buffing, and Wet Sanding.

Foreth Industrial has two styles of machines in diamond edge polishers – 1 – the material lays on a solid steel bed and the diamond head moves across the edge of the panels and, 2 – the Diamond head is stationary and the material moved across the head. The first one is ideal for mass production runs and the second style is ideal for jobbing and custom production. Foreth Industrial has both styles of machines so is able to choose between the two to optimize the method of production.

Single or multiple work pieces are fed by two constant-tension precision gear driven belt assemblies across a special diamond cutter mounted on a high speed, super precise, 24,000 RPM spindle. Feed rate is infinitely variable from 0–10 feet per minute, via a DC speed control. The feed belt assemblies can swing out to permit easy access to the cutter and are completely protected by safety guards.
A complete set of tools for setup, adjustment and operation is furnished with each machine, along with a depth indicator and base for setting cutter height.

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