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Cut To Size Plastics

We can supply a wide range of full sheets and cut-to-size services for plastic- and acrylic sheets, -rods, and -tubes. Using a variety of plastic cutting processes, including CNC machining and laser cutting, we can produce any size or shape you require, in any quantity.

Acrylic sheets, rods, tubes, and plates can be used for a range of applications including Point of Sale Displays, Chandeliers, Furniture, Novelty Items, Trophies, Jewellery Displays, Lab Fixtures, Spa Fixtures, Kitchen and Bath Fixtures, Model Shops, Decorative Treatments, and Hobbies.

Foreth Industrial carry a vast and diverse range of plastics in stock. We can CUT-TO-SIZE or supply full sheets or lengths of Rod or Tube.

Whatever you require we can supply everything you need in plastics including:-
 Perspex™, Plexiglas® or OMEGA-GLAS®   clear acrylic - Sheets (from 1mm to 50mm thickness), Rods (from 1.5mm to 150mm) and Tubes (from 6mm to 1000mm Diameter)
OMEGA-GARD®  Polycarbonate ( Safeguard™, Lexan,™) – Sheets from 1mm to 32mm thickness, Tubes from 6.5mm to 150mm Diameter
OMEGA-CHEM®  PVC Sheets in grey, white and clear from 1.5mm to 25mm thickness, Rods from 6mm to 200mm Diameter
OMEGA-GLYDE ® Teflon (P.T.F.E) from 0.38 tape to 50mm thick, Rods from 5mm to 100mm
OMEGA-TECH ® HDPE high density Polyethylene from 1mm to 100mm, Rods from 10mm to 300mm
OMEGA-ULTRA ® UHMWPE (Ultra high molecular weight polyethylene from 3mm to 100mm, Rods from 10mm to 150mm
OMEGA-PRO ® Polypropylene from 2mm to 50mm; Rods and tubes (piping) to 100mm
Engineering Plastics with special properties such as Nylons (Polyamides)POM (Acetal), PETP,PVDF, PCTFE, ECTFE, PET
Other plastics such as OMEGA-FLEX® clear plasticised PVC; OMEGA-FOAM®  PVC foam; OMEGA-DEKA  ABS
Rubber products such as Natural Rubber, EPDM,
We can quickly and efficiently provide you withPatio Windows, Skylight panes, Boat windows, Golf buggy windows, Mirrors, Electrical Switchboard covers, Dance Floors, Stage Floors, Bathroom and Kitchen splashbacks, Perspex glazing, Lighting panels, Light boxes, Cutting boards, Models, Sign holders, wear plates, packers, slides
We can Cut-to-size – Same day service
Also CNC service for any shape

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