Plastic Welding

Foreth Industrial has recently installed new Ingenia GmbH equipment at their facility to enhance their plastic welding capacity. This equipment (along with charts of guide values) guarantees that all plastic welding is according to the DVS (German standards – recognised worldwide). We can also modify or repair existing components.

Foreth Industrial’s experienced team members, are able to do all styles of plastic welding

We have a large range of plastic welding equipment, so that we can select the right machine for your job. We have hand welders, Drader welder, Extrusion welders, Butt (socket welders), Butt fusion welders and Electro- fusion welders.

Foreth Industrial can handle a variety of industrial plastics engineering projects including:
Carrying out on-site installations
Providing specialist Plastic Welding services
Carrying out modifications & Plastic repairs.

Providing a complete service for combining Steel & Stainless Steel with plastics
Foreth Industrial only uses premium grade plastic welding rod.

This premium-quality China- Made weld rod is the product of years of research and development, along with extensive field-testing. Foreth Industrial’s weld rod uses only 100% virgin material and is manufactured from the highest quality resins available. They are available in a range of stock colours with the option of colour-matching to your requirements (minimum runs apply).

The Foreth Industrial’s weld rod is available in 50m and 250m pack quantities and will give you the BEST results in:

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