Plastic Bending

Using the latest technology, we can custom form and bend plastic sheet using the latest European technology. We can bend to any shape and our machine has long length capacity We can also bend tubes, pipes and profiles into almost any shape or size. Whatever shape you require we can achieve the results you require.

Foreth Industrial was the first company in China to use the Shannon Automatic Bending Machine for efficient mass production in Plastic bending.

This is a rapidly convertible automatic machine for the production of bent items for the plastic sheet processing industry. It is based on the Nichrome Hot-wire principal; indeed the machine has 4 upper and 4 lower bending lines to enable 4 bends to be done simultaneously. The Nichrome Hot-wire bending line is also environmentally friendly and uses no water for cooling and is far more efficient than the traditional radiant elements.

It can heat and bend all thermoplastic sheets like:-
OMEGA-GLAS ® acrylic sheet (PMMA)
OMEGA-GARD ® Polycarbonate sheet
OMEGA-PRO ®  Polypropylene sheet
OMEGA-CHEM ®  PVC sheet
The machine is also equipped with an automatic feed system, existing of feed belts and a speed controller for automatic transport of the plastic sheet through the machine. These are then transferred to an automatic feed controlled cooling jig for maximum efficiency.

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