FRP Profiles
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    FRP Profiles
  • FRP Profiles
    FRP Profiles
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  • FRP pultruded profiles have so many types, Such as fiberglass pipe, fiberglass pipe, glass steel rectangular pipe, fiberglass rods, fiberglass beam etc.
  • The basic components of the FRP profiles for resin and glass fiber (including cloth, carpet, etc.), which is based fibers (including glass fibers, carbon fibers, organic fibers and other metals, non-metallic fiber) as reinforcing material, resin (mainly epoxy polyester resins, phenolic resins) as crosslinking agent and other auxiliary materials supplemented (main materials: mold release agents, curing agents, catalysts, sealing mold agents, UV light stabilizers, mold clean water, gel coat and other ) composite made of.



  • Hhigh temperature,
  • Corrosion resistance,
  • High strength,
  • Low specific gravity,
  • Low moisture absorption,
  • Extending small
  • Good insulation etc.



Widely used for mechanical structure, insulation, high-frequency mechanical parts and other functional structural components.

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